Austin Honey Company’s – 3 OZ. CREAMED HONEY IN A GLASS HEX JAR


Enjoy Austin Honey Company’s raw wildflower honey that has been whipped and chilled into a smooth spreadable honey! Stays in a soft spreadable state at room temperature! Like all raw honey it will never go bad and does not require refrigeration! Essentially it is granulated honey but is smooth instead of course and grainy. Perfect smaller size for trying it out for the first time, for gift baskets, care packages, and wedding favors! Enjoy on your toast, pancakes, waffles, biscuits, as a glaze for chicken and pork, in your yogurt, hot coffee and tea….very versatile honey!

Available on backorder

           Austin Honey Company’s happy bees comfortably reside on local farms within a 30 mile radius of downtown Austin

providing valuable pollination of local organic produce, thus benefiting the whole of our food community.


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